Check Out These Shutterstock Prices

Due to its very large stock photo collection, Shutterstock is arguably one of the most-sought image sources in the market. It has over 80 million royalty-free stock content waiting to be explored. Over 100,000 new images are also added from contributors all around the world. But what sets the stock photo website apart from others is its simple Shutterstock prices. It offers affordable pricing for images on demand and subscriptions, alike.

Images on Demand

Shutterstock offers images on demand in the form of image packages. You can download as low as 5 images for the price of $49. You can also download more with 25 images for $229. Of course, all images should be downloaded within one year of purchase. This Basis plan is suitable for infrequent creative needs and for low budgeted creative projects. It includes a Standard license, allowing you to use the images anywhere and anytime.

Subscription Plans

Shutterstock prices also vary according to the subscription plan you choose. The most common are the monthly and annual plans that both come with 350 and 750 images. For the monthly plan, you can download 350 images for $199 and 750 images $249. It is suitable for larger visual needs in a specific period. On the other hand, the yearly plans of 350 and 750 at $169 and $199, respectively are suitable for regular creative needs. We recommend the latter to get the best value for your money.

Another subscription plan is suitable for teams. It include 750 images for prices that vary according to the number of users. The Team plan starts with 2 users at $299 per month. For every additional user, the Shutterstock prices also increase by a hundred. It is a yearly plan, which also include a Standard License.

Enhanced License

If you are looking for images that you can use with a larger audience, bigger print runs, merchandise for sale and many more, you should get an Enhanced License. It allows 500,000 or more print runs, use for television, online, video and film, and use for merchandise for sale. Shutterstock prices for this special license starts at $199 for 2 images. To get the best value, we recommend the larger 25 images for $1,699. Also, all images must be downloaded within one year of purchase.

If your needs are for a creative agency or production company, Shutterstock also has the perfect solution for you. Whatever your creative needs and budget are, there are Shutterstock prices to suit them. What are you waiting for? Check out the above prices to find out which fits your creative needs and budget. Choose a plan you like and jump-start your creative projects as soon as possible. We hope you find this article helpful.     

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